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Physio Healing In Your Own Hands


For athletes, the aged and people with niggling injuries, Physiofusion was developed by physiotherpist and pilates instructor, Sally Buratowski.  Her innovative concept combines physiotherapy, pilates, yoga-like stretching and gym based techniques to create a holisitc approach to body management to improve posture, rebalance and strengthen the body and rehabilitate any uderlying injuries.

When long term injury treatment is required, the cost of regualr physiotherapy visits can become a costly exercise.  Add to this busy lifestyles and the recommended home therapy can fall by the wayside, hindering recovery.  

"When suppporting muscles are weak, your injured structures are inadequately supported and predispose you to lingering symptoms or further injury.  You can also overactivate adjacent muscles that may lead to further injury," explained Buratowski.

With Physiofusion's easy to follow online stregthening and rehabilitation program, people have an unlimited subscription to safely repair and strengthen the body in the comfort of their own home for just $2.50 per week.

The Physiofusion program comes as a 12 part series with easy to follow exercises to improve posture, strength, mobility, flexibility and stability, directing you in exercises specifically targeting each area of the body.

"Using a mind-body aproach and innovative new techniques, it will helpyou to rebuild your body from the inside out and teach you how to use it more efficeintly and effectively," Sally said.

The Physiofusion program focuses on areas such as back, neck, breathing and core stability, shoulder, hip, chest conditions, over 50's and more.

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Published in Gold Coast Magazine Feb-March issue 2016