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Suffering Arthritis and being Pain Free


How is it possible to remain pain free while suffering the onset effects of arthritis?  Is there atype of exercise I can do that is safe and realistic?

A question we are asked all too often here at Physiofusion!  The answer is yes and we would like to take five minutes to talk to you a little about how we can make this possible.

Ageing is an inevitable part of life, we can’t stop it but we can attempt to slow it down so we can enjoy every minute of it!  As we get older,  the space between our joints become narrowed and extra boney growths called osteophytes form in our joints.  This is what we call arthritis.  Most people over the age of 30 will have some degree of arthritis, but that does not mean they have to be in pain.  Just like a bike with a rusty chain will still work ok and get you where you need to go, a well oiled chain will keep your bike moving smoothly for many more years and a smoother and more enjoyable ride!

Arthritis Illustrated

The joints in our body work in much the same way.  If we keep our joints well lubricated, they will work a lot more efficiently.  We can do this with just simple mobility exercises.  Conversely, arthritic medication on it's own without exercise is like sticking oil in the chain of the bike and not spinning the wheels around.  It will certainly work a little better but it won’t make a huge impact.  That is why it is important for us to be doing daily mobility exercises, anyone over the age of 30 should be starting better habits now.

We are born with these amazing bodies but no one ever teaches us how to use them properly.  As an example, around the age of twelve months of life, we begin to walk.  No one actually teaches us, it’s a natural life event and we mimic what we see in the adults around us.  If we begin to pick up bad habits along the way in our life and not walk correctly, it can lead to much earlier degeneration in joints such as the knew and hips which can increases the likelihood of things such as replacement surgeries earlier in life. 

Physiofusion have specifically dedicated two series for the Over 50's and Over 60's that focus on this.  Although these are general maitenance and wellbeing programs suitable for the whole family, they are extremly helpful for those with limited range of movement or mobility issues. We help by giving postural advice, circulation exercises and range of motion exercises for each region of the body.  It also includes some simple tips for walking, sitting and standing more efficiently.

Each program demonstrates the basic anatomy and physiology of each body part and explains the most common injuries followed by what can be done to help.  The program will help you to pain joint mobility, prevent or alleviate pain, rehabilitate yourself at home and keep you moving pain free and getting on wit the things ou love.

You can take advantage of this right now with our subscription offer for less than $10 per month. Subscribe now to the online Physiofusion program and get another subscription for a friend or family member FREE.  You will have complete unlimited access to the full Physiofusion program and receive a gift that keeps giving for someone you care about! For a free month trial of the program enter the CODE:  TrialPhysio and experience the full program for one month free of charge.

Get back to the things you love and be pain and injury free!