What is Physiofusion?

PHYSIOFUSION is 14 series program designed for anyone to use to assist in “at home” rehab, pain management or general body maintenance, strength and wellbeing. The easy to follow chapters make it simple to use and come back to specific chapters at any time.

What if I'm already seeing a physiotherapist or chiropractor?

PHYSIOFUSION has been designed by a physiotherapist so is safe to use in addition to your current program. PHYSIOFUSION recommends showing your practitioner prior to commencement.

Will I still benefit from the programs if I'm already seeing a physiotherapist, chiropractor or personal trainer?

You certainly will gain great benefits from the PHYSIOFUSION program as an additional series of exercises to your current program and the program will act as a great “at home coach” to keep you focused!

What if I need joint replacement or other surgery, will it help?

PHYSIOFUSION can assist you in building up the supporting muscles around the joint keeping you strong and making your recovery from joint replacement surgery quicker and can also be continued post surgery with clearance from your doctor.

How do I choose the right program for me?

PHYSIOFUSION recommends the Breathing & Core Stability program is the best place to start! The subscription to PHYSIOFUSION gives you complete access to the full 12 programs unlimited so you can work through the programs. Our free month subscription, makes choosing your suitable program even easier.

I don't want to go to the gym but I want to do some form of exercise every day. Do you have a program for that?

Yes, any of our PHYSIOFUSION can assist with daily movement and exercise. PHYSIOFUSION’s over 50s & Over 60s are general whole body maintenance and wellbeing programs suited for all ages and fitness levels from 8-108 years old. They include mobility, flexibility, stability and strengthening exercises for each area of the body and can be done all at once or just one chapter a day.

What if I get pain while doing the program?

If you develop any pain while following the PHYSIOFUSION program, cease the program and consult your GP or practitioner before continuing.

What programs do I need if I have lower back pain?

PHYSIOFUSION’s Back program can assist with lower back weakness and pain, in conjunction with the Breathing & Core Stability program.

Do you have a program to help with RSI?

The best program to help with RSI lower arm program which includes exercises to relieve your pain and stretch and strengthen your muscles.

Which program is the best for headaches?

Often, headaches can be caused by neck strain, poor posture and/or back weakness. Along with the Breathing & Core Stability program, PHYSIOFUSION’s Neck Program will teach you how to relax and realign your neck to help alleviate headaches.

I have an active, sporty child and another who spends long hours in front of the computer. Both complain of tight back and neck muscles. What would help them?

Children have growth spurts sometimes overnight and we can often not even notice until they are complaining of sore legs or tight back and necks. Just as adults need mobility and flexibility, so do our children. The Over 50’s and Over 60’s general wellbeing programs are great for everyone in the family. For more specific back or neck related, you can add the Back Program or Neck Program to their routine.

What products will help my golf?

Once again, the Over 50s or Over 60s is a good place to start with as it focuses on strength, mobility, flexibility and stability over the whole body. The specific Back Program and Shoulder Programs would also be beneficial.

I'm over 65 and am restricted in movements I can do, is there a suitable program for me?

PHYSIOFUSION’s Over 50 and Over 60 Program are perfect for the more experienced generation. The exercises are simple and gentle but will keep you mobile and will help relieve any joint pain while assisting to keep you active.